Prep School Question

Just would like to reach out to the prep schools to hear what retail management system they use, does it interface with Blackboard and do you accept payments for any item - no matter how small? Can a student pay for a candy bar using a credit card? thanks Chris

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  1. Christine Robinson

    Feb. 11, 2020

    Thanks Sandy. Is anyone currently using Odin? Thoughts on their POS?

  2. Sandy Yager

    Feb. 7, 2020

    Deerfield uses a POS system designed for food services...not one specifically for general merchandise...and not one I would recommend. However, it allows the use of a OneCard that students can use for access all over campus; for library, fitness center, printers and, of course, cafes and retail on campus. They put money on their accounts in the same way that a bank debit card requires funds in the account. We do allow students to use credit cards with a $5.00 minimum in the retail stores, but we can’t legally require a minimum with debit cards. The cafes in campus require the students to use their OneCards.


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