"Change has been a constant in our industry and our associations. One thing unchanged throughout the years is the value of a membership with the Association. I have gained relevant information when attending meetings, found new products and/or vendors at trade shows, and benefited from the ongoing opportunity to network with colleagues and friends. This is merely the beginning of the benefits of membership. The rest is up to the individual member and the unlimited possibilities within!"

Lucille Smart
Director, The College Store
Hobart & William Smith Colleges

"With a nod to John Donne, no bookstore is an island, entire of itself. Every store may be strengthened by becoming part of the "continent”, or in this case, the Northeast Campus Stores Association (NCSA). NCSA is the Gen 2.0 of CSNE and CSANYS.

NCSA is any manager’s answer for a myriad of scenarios from vendor information to product inquiry, or to finding a colleague who may be working a similar problem. Thanks to the inclusion of Prep Schools, I and Taft have benefited greatly through idea sharing, problem resolution, but mostly getting to know my colleagues in other schools. The value of this network is infinite.…"

Peter Burnett
Bookstore Manager
The Taft School